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At Counseling Resources, we know that people feel nervous and have many mixed emotions when they are experiencing drug and alcohol problems. Legal, family, or employment problems may have resulted from the alcohol or drug use and those issues need to be worked out as well.  It can be difficult and overwhelming to sort out all of the counseling programs and make a decision about which one is best for you.  
We hope that quality of the program is your primary consideration. Counseling Resources has been in business since 1992 so we are truly experienced in working with people with alcohol and drug problems.  When we conduct a substance use evaluation we take each one to our weekly staff meeting so that we can make an objective decision based on the facts of the situation.  Our first concern with each client is to help ease some of the anxiety you may be feeling.  We offer a small, comfortable and accepting environment.  We understand that you may have concerns about the amount of time the counseling will take and the cost of the treatment program.   At Counseling Resources we understand these concerns and offer flexible payments plans and varied program schedules. To help  clients fit us into their busy schedules, we individualize treatment programs and schedules as much as possible. 
We hope that you will give Counseling Resources a try!  Call us today for an appointment. We normally can fit people in for an initial evaluation within a few days of your call.  If you do want or need to enter one of our treatment groups, we normally have no waiting list and can get you started within a week or two. 
Client confidentiality is strictly maintained at Counseling Resources, we do not release information without your written permission.