Frequently Asked Questions

Will my health insurance pay for counseling?

This is dependent upon each client's individual coverage. The client is responsible to check with their insurance company prior to entering the program.  Depending on coverage and other factors we may require that the client pay in full for services and be reimbursed upon payment by the insurance company.  We are participating providers for Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Avera, Sanford, Dakota, Aetna, TLC Advantage, Medica, United Behavioral Health, Tricare, and others.  

Is the substance abuse program AA based?

We highly recommend that clients attend AA and require it of intensive outpatient clients. We do not work the twelve steps with clients, we feel that should be done with a sponsor in the AA program. At Counseling Resources we focus on "whole-person" recovery, examining all aspects of the client's life to resolve issues that may act as chemical use triggers. We educate clients regarding the addiction process and encourage examination of the client's pattern of chemical use.

What ages are the clients at Counseling Resources?

Our groups are for adults only but we can conduct substance abuse assessments for adolescents.

Will the programs at Counseling Resources satisfy the courts?

Yes, Counseling Resources is accredited by the Department of Social Services, Community Behavioral Health Division as a provider of intensive outpatient, outpatient and early intervention services. Counseling Resources is one of five programs chosen by the 2nd Judicial Circuit to provide the 12 Hour DUI Public Safety Program.

How many people are typically in substance abuse group?

This varies a great deal but normally our group size is 5-10 clients.

How much are the substance abuse programs?

The Intensive Outpatient Program (9 hours a week for eight weeks) is: $1000 if paid in advance or $1200 if payments are made

The Outpatient Program (6 hours a week for six weeks) is: $800 if paid in advance or $840 if payments are made. In both programs we require payment in full prior to discharge. The 12-hour Public Safety DUI Education course is $250, all of this needs to be paid in advance.

How long is the substance abuse program?

Our programs vary in length from two weeks for the South Dakota Public Safety/DUI program to six weeks for our outpatient and intensive outpatient programs. However, program length may vary depending on other factors.