South Dakota Public Safety DUI Program

Counseling Resources was chosen as one of the first chemical dependency programs in Sioux Falls, SD to offer the South Dakota Public Safety DUI program.  It is an evidence based educational program that was developed by The Change Companies® for South Dakota.  It is an interactive program that uses reading, writing, and discussion to assist participants to examine chemical use that leads to impaired driving.  This program is 12 hours which is typically completed on four week nights from 5:00-8:00 over a two week period or on two Saturdays from 8:00-2:30 (with a lunch break).  At Counseling Resources we offer the program about once every six weeks. 

The DUI program is designed to assist participants to explore their chemical use while developing a change plan.  This change plan will be unique to each participant and will incorporate goals and plans for future alcohol use.  Each individual is responsible for developing a change plan that they feel will be effective in helping them avoid driving impaired in the future. 

While participating in the program participants will learn about the laws and consequences of impaired driving.  The program includes both state and national data and statistics. We study the effects of alcohol and other drugs and how they impact our bodies, judgment and motor skills.  We examine myths and facts about chemicals and their use. 

Participant in the program will learn the differences between substance use, substance abuse, and substance dependence.  We discuss risk factors for developing substance dependence as well as the influence of culture.  Lastly, we examine the effects of feelings on our behavior.  Often times, we find that how we feel influences our behaviors.  Sometimes if we change the way we think and feel about a situation, it may change the outcome. This awareness can assist participants to begin making changes in the way they interact with others for healthier relationships and increased self awareness.