Counseling Resources Relapse Prevention Program

Staying Quit: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to

Relapse Prevention

The goals of the relapse prevention group are to assist clients to identify drinking/using triggers and develop healthy coping skills. Staying Quit is an evidence-based program developed by Correctional Counseling, Inc. that can help clients avoid a relapse by recognizing risky situations, cope with urges and cravings, understand support issues and be proactive in their recovery.  The materials help clients understand and recognize situations that may trigger a relapse. 

Upon entering the program, clients will be given a workbook containing eight modules.  Each week clients will be asked to complete a module as homework and then present that module to the group.  The group members provide feedback to one another about their work.  Feedback can be especially useful coming from those who have progressed to later modules and relayed to beginners in the group.  Feedback is provided by the group leader as well.  Clients progress through the program at their own pace, depending on their level of participation, preparation for each group session and progress with learning and insight. 

Eligible clients for the Relapse Prevention group are those who are active in a recovery program or those who have completed a program and have relapsed or are struggling with their sobriety.

The Relapse Prevention group is offered on Tuesday 5:30 to 8:30 PM.