How To Know if Your Counseling Service is Trustworthy

The importance of having a right counseling service is paramount. One of the hardest steps is to actually find and trust one. Imagine how tragic it can be if the service is not good enough.

Only a good counselor can help you recover from addiction and its effects on your body and therefore, there is the need to get access to someone who has good experience to handle similar situations in the past and can effectively help you recover.

While coming across a good counselor may not be that easy as you may have to ask friends and acquaintances for help, refer to the local advertisements or probably look up the Internet for help, and that is how you get to meet one. Despite a lot of analysis and looking around, there are times when you need to know whether the expert is capable of helping you or not.

Here are a few ways to determine whether you have made the right choice or not.

Look out for their license and credentials

When it comes to a therapist to help you recover from the addiction of any kind, they are expected to own a license as well as the right credentials that make it legal for them to impart help. When you decide on a therapist, ensure that you ask for their license as well as the details of the training that they have received to be capable of helping you out of the crisis. If they can readily show it to you, you have made a good choice.

They should have a positive approach

If you are addicted to something, it means that your life is facing a crisis and you need to come out of it. You are already engulfed by a lot of negativity, and the same coming from the counsellor’s end doesn’t help in any way. When you have our first appointment with them, check whether they are positive with you while empathizing with your situation and not accusing you of anything that you have done or are into at the moment. The foremost trait of a good therapist is to be positive with their patient while encouraging them in coming out of the situation and not make them feel guilty.

They are professional yet friendly

When a therapist is friendly with their patient, it means that they are trying to make them feel comfortable and at ease while not acting like a strict teacher. While you see that trait in them, you should rest assured that you have come to the right person. Simultaneously, he/she should have a professional approach and not try to be your friend. This allows them to maintain that gap between you the victim and they the rescuer.

They are good listeners

When it comes to being a therapist, they should be a good listener first. When a patient approaches them, they come with their own set of problems, and unless and until one hears all the problems, they wouldn’t be able to solve it. Every single patient has a different problem, and each one of it has to be listened to get to the right therapy. While all that happens with your therapist, you have made the right choice.

While all these are the basic traits of a good counselor, you need to analyze them well to receive the best results for a speedy recovery.

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