Defeating Mental Weakness And Start Winning in Life

We often take a wrong way in life and end up in a bad mental situation. This type of state of being often poisons our lives. We can easily get distracted by the pleasures of bad habits and realize we are addicted when it is already too late. Sometimes we are so stressed and mentally drained that we lose control. This type of being is mental weakness. It is nothing to be ashamed of. It is not a natural state for us and it is mainly caused by the environment and behavior we are involved into. This article will help you understand weaknesses and how to break them by becoming strong.

What does it mean to be meantally weak anyway? You find all kinds of definitions online. Regardless of small differences between the weak traits, we need to understand that the mental weakness is not caused by mental illness. These are two separate things. An illness is something that we do not control, but the weakness can be a choice. For example, if you have a depression, it can be caused by chemical disbalance or some other causes. If you crave sugary food all the time and can’t tell no to the cookie you just have been offered, then it is due to the weakness of your willpower.

Every morning you wake up, you have a choice. The new day is a clean sheet of paper and you have a pen to write anything you want. The urges you get to write unhealthy sentences are there to drag you down, but if you understand that they are there only due to your mental state and not due to illnesses, you start to take responsibility for the actions and realize you are under control. Often the patients who seek counseling services are confused and believe that everything bad in their lives are caused by their inability to be strong. The truth is, you do not simply become strong by one day deciding to be one. You become stronger by deciding to start a process – a tiny piece of snow that will become an avalanche after some time.

Start small – so, that brings us to the first point of starting with a small things. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t turn around your life in a day. It is unrealistic to believe you can do it. But you know what you can do? One tiny, healthy thing and keep doing it all the time. Do you feel physically unhealthy? How about you try to do one push-up a day? Only one? You might ask and yes – simply one. One can become 2 tomorrow and 10 in one week. Can you imagine what it will be in a year? Same principle can be applied to anything in life from physical to mental health.

Meditate – There are so many articles out there giving this advice that it sounds like a cliché now. It is true, however, and meditating even for 10 minutes a day can change your life. It is a perfect time to look at your mental weaknesses from far away and understand how easy it is to defeat them. Being well aware of your weaknesses is a major part of being mentally strong.

Reduce your bad habits – Do not try to change something in one day that you have been doing for months or even years. It takes time to give up your bad habits completely and the best way to start the process is to reduce them slowly every day. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, smoke 19 today. Then Smoke 18 tomorrow and eventually reduce the amount to 0. Do not try to jump to 0 in a day as your brain will not be ready for it and you will eventually be back to 20.

Stay positive – It is important to keep your positivity during the process. Even if you feel bad and think that you are not making any progress, keep believing in yourself. Remember that things take time and if you stick to it and be consistent, you will see an amazing results.

Hopefully the article helped you understand how to approach your mental weaknesses and replace them with strengths. If you need any additional help, our counseling services are always available. Use the contact page to reach us.

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