Finding the counseling service is not easy. It is a difficult decision to make to trust somebody with the recovery. Quite often things can get worse due to the wrong approach and the lack of professionalism. That’s why we are here.
Sioux Falls Counseling Resources is a non-profit organization, focusing on helping ones in need of finding a right counseling service. The choices can be overwhelming, the resources online are unorganized and often biased. It is hard to tell the difference between the genuine help article and the one published by the actual service to attract customers.

We do not want the people in need of help to be treated as a customer who’s willing to pay thousands of dollars during the desperate times.

The resources you can find on our website is well-researched and we tried to be as neutral as possible. We also offer a phone consultation during the weekdays.

We would like to hear from you in case you have a question. So, please use the contact page to reach us.